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Claire & Eddy
Susan & Kenny
Suzi & Graham
Keegan & Harrison
Liv & George
Mandy & John
Gemma & Alex
Daisy & Steven

Cinematic, romantic, timeless... a different take at elopement and wedding videos, with focus on you.

I've spent the last decade perfecting a style that allows me to capture something unique out of each wedding while making it an exciting and relaxing experience for the couples.
I think it really shows in my work and in the enthusiastic feedback I receive!
I've worked at a number of venues across Scotland but there's one that I have visited far more than any others. Over the years, I have filmed close to a hundred weddings at Crear - at all times of year, in all kinds of weather and of all sizes (from 2 people to 100+). Between that and a couple hundred of weddings I photographed there, I think it gives me a level of experience that's difficult to match. I add enthusiasm, vast experience from other projects, a lot of creativity and a friendly, understanding approach to the mix. I hope you'll find the examples below to reflect that!


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